EILP Conference 2024

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Exploring Innovative Language Pedagogy

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Davis Language Center
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National Institute of Technology
Patna, India

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May 17-18, 2024
53A Olson, Davis Language Center
University of California, Davis

Registration: FREE
Attendance: Virtual or In-person
Zoom Rooms: https://ucdavis.zoom.us/j/4070606225 (Meeting ID: 407 060 6225; Passcode: 517518)
Schedules: Web Page or Download PDF

The international conference on Exploring Innovative Language Pedagogy aims to explore the cutting-edge approaches, methodologies, and practices in language education. We welcome proposals across a wide range of themes and topics related to innovative language pedagogy, including but not limited to: Language teaching in rural areas, task-based and project-based learning, integration of technology and digital resources, multimodal learning strategies, learner-centred approaches that promote autonomy and motivation, virtual and augmented reality applications, gamification and game-based learning, indigenous/regional language teaching.

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Carlee Arnett (clarnett@ucdavis.edu).