Resources for Students

Anki Flashcard Program:
  • A free, friendly, powerful, and intelligent flash card tool, based on spaced repetition principles. Anki enables learners to remember vocabulary terms much easier, especially with our customized multimedia cards. 
  • Please download Anki and free learning materials from [TOP]
Computer Labs and Vocal Booths:
  • DLC computer labs can be used for foreign language study, cultural activates, and viewing multiple-region DVDs or VHS tapes. 
  • Multilingual word processing with spell check, web browsing, e-mail, and learning/course management systems (such as SmartSite, Moodle, and Wimba) are also available. 
  • Use the four vocal booths (sound-proof rooms) to record your audio or watch videos for specific language classes. If several students need to watch the same video (DVD or a tape), Room 53A can be reserved. [TOP]
Guides, Handouts and Tip Sheets:
  • Click Here for guides, handouts, and tip sheets that accompany various DLC resources and tools. [TOP]
Language Placement Exams:
  • The DLC offers placement exams for French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc. Please see the Placement Exam page for more information. [TOP]
Reserve Materials:
  • A library of reserve materials is maintained by the DLC. UCD Textbooks, workbooks, AV materials, etc. are available for check-out, with a limit of two hours. Click here for available titles. [TOP]
Technology Training:
  • The DLC is happy to provide technology workshops for students to aid them in completing class projects such as digital story-telling with still images and narration, simple video editing, etc. Please contact the Center with your request. [TOP]
Additional Software
  • The DLC provides limited CALL courseware for integration into language curricula, providing self-paced as well as instructor-led learning activities. The courseware consists of interactive multimedia programs with visuals, sound, text, video, animation, and self- or teacher-evaluation capabilities. Some resources are web-based, but most are stored locally on DLC computers or on CD-ROMs.
  • Software at the DLC
  • Software on External Sites [TOP]

Work-Study Job Application Form: Only used when a vacant position is announced.