Lab Reservations


1. Check the lab calendars below for room availability. 

Check Availability Below Room Description (Details: Facilities & Activities)
Proctored Exams Calendar Email the UCDLC to make a reservation & receive instructions
Staff (Proctors) Calendar For Staff to Check Their Schedules for Proctoring Opt-out Tests
Olson 18 Calendar Active Learning Space with Zoom Meeting (28 Node Chairs)
Olson 18A Calendar Mac Computer Classroom + Media Viewing (24 Computers)
Olson 53A Calendar Active Learning Classrooom + Conference + Media Viewing (45+ capacity)
Olson 57 Calendar Windows Lab & Virtual Listening Lab + Media Viewing (27 Stations)
Please call 752-0487 or email concerning issues with the calendars.

2.  Fill out and submit the following form. 

Note: If facilitites are needed after regular hours, you will be asked to sign a responsibility form. There are no restrictions on the number of reservations made in a quarter, but you may be contacted and asked to use other labs in the rare case of an unexpected event or scheduling conflict. We appreciate your cooperation.

Lab Reservations