Lab Reservations


1. Guidelines for booking ALCs in the DLC for an entire quarter (18 & 53A Olson)
    The Active Learning Classrooms are available for use by any language/literature instructor who would like to innovate or experiment with student centered learning and technology. The rooms are intended for use for short-term projects and we would like to keep that flexibility. If an instructor would like to use the room for the quarter, the instructor should email the Director of the DLC and explain what instruction is new or experimental and requires this classroom space. There are ALCs in the Teaching and Learning Complex that are assigned as regular classrooms and we encourage instructors to use this space.
    In the DLC priority will be given to instructors who:
    -have a focused goal for new ways of learning that need to be practiced in an ALC
    -teach any course on TA Training and any TA taught courses where the TA is learning how to teach in an ALC
    -have taken Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) Teaching and Learning Complex Series (
    -did not use an ALC for an entire quarter in the previous quarter (except for the purposes of instructor training)

2. Check the lab calendars below for room availability. 

Check Availability Below Room Description (Details: Facilities & Activities)
Proctored Exams Calendar Email the UCDLC to make a reservation & receive instructions
Staff (Proctors) Calendar For Staff to Check Their Schedules for Proctoring Opt-out Tests
Olson 18 Calendar Active Learning Classroom with Zoom Meeting (28 Node Chairs w. Worksurface)
Olson 18A Calendar Active Learning Classroom with Zoom (38 Node Chairs + 16 Flip-N-Store Tables)
Olson 53A Calendar Active Learning Classroom + Conference + Media Viewing (45+ capacity: 25 Node Chairs with Worksurface)
Olson 57 Calendar Windows Lab & Virtual Listening Lab + Media Viewing (27 Student Stations, 35 Chairs)
53 Vocal Booths/Rooms Sound-Proof Rooms/Booths
Please call 752-0487 or email concerning issues with the calendars.

3.  Fill out and submit the following form. 

Note: If facilitites are needed after regular hours, you will be asked to sign a responsibility form. There are no restrictions on the number of reservations made in a quarter, but you may be contacted and asked to use other labs in the rare case of an unexpected event or scheduling conflict. We appreciate your cooperation.

Lab Reservations